Decommissioned Ships


These were the first ships procured to form the nucleus of the Ghana Navy Fleet. They were originally Royal Navy inshore mine sweepers which were refitted at the South Hampton Dry Dock by Messer John Thorneycroft and Company Limited before being transferred to the Ghana. They were commissioned in 1960 and primarily used for training purposes. They both had a length of 33 meters, beam of 6.7 meters and draught of 1.8 meters.


GNS ELMINA and KOMENDA were Seaward Defence Boats ordered during the administration of the first Chief of the Naval Staff Rear Admiral DA Forman. They were built by Yarrow Ship builders in Scotchtown, UK, commissioned in 1962 and decommissioned in 1985. Both ships had a length of 36 meters, a beam of 6 meters and a drought of 1.8 meters.


GNS KROMANTSE and KETA were both VOSPERS MARK I corvettes built by the VOSPERS LTD, Portsmouth, UK and launched on 5th September 1963, at the Camber Shipyard in Portsmouth, UK. They were the first in their class and had a length of 54 meters, a beam of 8.7 meters and drought of 4 meters. They were commissioned into the Ghana Navy on 27th July 1964 and decommissioned and scrapped in 1988.


GNS EJURA was a coastal mine sweeper that had been in service in the British Royal Navy. It was loaned to the Ghana Navy for a six year period but remained in the Ghana Navy Fleet after the expiration of its contract until it was fully paid for and decommissioned in 1970. It had length of 47 meters, beam of 8.8 meters and draught of 3 meters.


These 4 patrol boats were donated to augment the Ghana Navy Fleet by the Soviet Union, they had a length of 30 meters, beam of 5.98 meters and draught of 1.52 meters. They were modification of the standard Soviet torpedo vessel of Project T368, Brejet RS368 boats.


GNS ACHIMOTA was originally the Presidential Yacht manned by an Israeli crew attached to the Ghana National College. It was however taken over by the Ghana Navy and made the Flagship of the Ghana Navy. It was primarily used as a training ship and for official visits of the President abroad. It had a length of 53 meters, beam of 7.6 meters and a draught of 4 meters.


GNS YOGAGA and ACHIMOTA are 2 of the Fast Attack Craft (FAC) ships procured by the SMC Government of General K Acheampong in 1978. The Ships were commissioned on 27 Mar 1981. They both had and a length of 58 meters, a beam of 7.62m and a draught of 2.83 m. Both ships were instrumental during the Ghana Navy’s participation in the ECOMOG operation in Liberia and Seirra leone. Theu were utilizes as part of the ECOMOG Naval Task Force (ENTF) to provide Sealift, Naval Gun Fire Support, Evacuation Operation, Enforcement of Sanctions ,Gunboat Diplomacy, resupply duties an transport of troops. GNS YOGAGA was bombed during this operation on 14 September 1990.The Ship was however reffited and returned to active duty until its decommission in 2017.