The CNS's End of Year Season's Greetings

"I wish to commend all Officers, Ratings, Civilian Employees and our Families for the hardwork and sacrifices over the year. The Ghana Navy salutes you.! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

He further urged all Personnel to stay safe at all times and religiously observe all safety protocols with an aim to mitigating the effects & spread of COVID-19, especially with the advent of the OMICRON variant.

Follow the socials below for COVID Up-to-Date Information and Call the Hotlines to report a case or receive assistance.

Ghana COVID Hub

+233 20 000 0000

Toll Free Line

0800 110 622

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The Gender Agenda

  • Naval Captain Veronica Adzo Arhin
    On 20 June 2020, the Military High Command appointed the first-ever Gender Policy Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff (GPA to CDS) in the person of Naval Captain Veronica Arhin. The aim of this appointment among others is to help drive gender mainstreaming in the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in order to ensure equal opportunities for males and females. The Sailor Magazine's Reporter finds out more from the GPA. In her concluding remarks at the just ended Gender Policy encounter with the Media, Capt (GN) Arhin re-iterated that; The Military High Command must be applauded for this laudable initiative which ensures that GAF's operational and administrative posture supports, promotes, establishes and maintains gender equity in the enlistment/ recruitment, management and deployment of personnel. Gender Mainstreaming is important because it creates a healthy working environment where everyone's rights are respected and protected. There is therefore the need to cooperate with the gender advisors and gender focal point officers in all units to ensure GAF reaps the full benefits of mainstreaming.